Konnected Swing




We are proud to announce that we have a variety of Trios for your event.

We not only have our classical instrumental trio, but we also have our Jazz trio and our female vocal trio.


For added sparkle, depth and even more versatility in music,

The Trio’s offer more varied combinations of sound and instruments.

With added guests, John and Faye recommend a Trio as the perfect

Accompaniment to reception drinks, light background party music

...and is even a beautiful accompaniment for the bride-to-be, walking down the aisle

And signing the couple’s lives together.


The Trios are perfect to use for charity events, concerts and recitals.

(Basically anywhere you want to make an impact but working to a size...)


Trios include…

Classical Trio – woodwind /brass combinations

Jazz Trio – Piano, Vocal & Instrument

Vocal Trio – The Dolce Sisters female vocal Trio

Konnected Swing Trio Konnected Swing Trio

Konnected Swing at St Martins in the Field - London

with Christopher Cazenove

Konnected Swing at St Martins in the Field - London 2009

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