Konnected Swing



...Just the two of us...

Jazzy Duo


Whilst John jazzes away on Tenor and Bass Trombone, Faye tootles away on a selection of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone and Clarinet Clarinet, as well as sings a few jazz standards.

They play along with a rhythm section backing track meaning you can have that jazz quintet feeling but able to fit in smaller spaces.



Classical Duo


Faye and John perform either as a main performance or as background music to your event, playing light classical and jazzy pieces from a range of different eras. Once again combining woodwind with brass that will suite every guest.



John and Faye work hard to ensure that your event goes...”with a swing” and ensure that you have a great time.

If you have any special requests...

If you let them know in enough time...

They will endeavour to arrange and play your favourite tunes.

John Deane & Faye Stringer faye 2010 1 john DSCN0708

As well as running a swing band, John and Faye also perform together as a  duet, playing both light classical music as well as something a bit jazzier, with a recorded background rhythm section.


This offers a wider variety of options when trying to book an ensemble, either Jazz or Classical or a mixture, when the size of venue and/or costs needs to be considered.

John and Faye have performed as a professional duet all over the UK and even in the Caribbean and USA.